Saturday, July 2, 2022

Life and Work

Life & Work is the Church of Scotland’s magazine.  It was first published in 1879 by Archibald Hamilton Charteris (1835-1908), who was Professor of Biblical Criticism at Edinburgh University. The magazine was inspired by his work on the Church of Scotland’s Committee of Christian Life & Work. Committed to Church causes,  Charteris also  founded the Woman’s Guild and the Diaconate.

In its early years, Life & Work ran various supplements, including the Gaelic, the Guild and the Young Men’s Supplement.  The only one still running is the Gaelic Supplement, which was begun in 1880 and is read all over the world. In its history, the Gaelic Supplement has had only five editors, and is currently edited by the Rev Dr Roderick McLeod, minister of Cumlodden, Lochfyneside.
In 1929 when the United Free Church of Scotland reunited with the  Church of Scotland Life & Work was subtitled The Record of the Church of Scotland in recognition of the United Free Church  publication, The Record, but this reference was dropped in 1996 when the magazine was re-launched in full colour.

Life & Work has had 13 editors in 125 years.  The current editor is Rosemary Goring who took over in 2000.
The position of Life & Work Convenor for Markinch and Thornton Parish Church is currently vacant. For information please contact the Session Clerk.