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Heartfelt Prayers

June 21, 2017 by  
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The release of the report regarding the awful circumstances of the tragic and premature death of little Liam Fee has touched many people in our community.
Liam was such a vulnerable little boy and his loss still tugs at our hearts with a relentless ache. Our memories of that disturbing time remain painful and distressing.
Whilst details within the report may bring clarity for some, we in the church still kindle hope that Liam’s family, this community and everyone involved in the case can be supported and find peace and healing through these strange days.
And so our heartfelt thoughts and prayers remain with family and friends, with professionals involved in the case and with our neighbours and friends who are moving forward to build a  stronger more connected community. Liam’s short life touched our lives briefly but his legacy will remain cherished in our hearts.

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