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Life Events

Life Events

Getting Married

Please arrange the date and venue of your wedding as early as possible to ensure the Minister is available and you get the date and time you require. 
Notice of Marriage
Papers that need be completed and submitted to the Registrar for each person include:
Marriage Notice Form (M10) (available here)
Birth Certificates (original or certified copies.)
Divorce Papers, if applicable (Original Decree Absolute or certified copies)

Where do I submit these documents?
These need to be submitted to the Registrar closest to the location of your wedding ceremony (list of Registrars here).

Please contact the Registrar to make an appointment.
The Registrar’s Office for the Parish of Markinch is in Fife House, North Street, Glenrothes. KY7 5LT
Tel: 08451555555 ext. 444607

Photograph by Peter Grubb

When do I need to submit the documents?
Documents need to be submitted to the area Registrar no sooner than 3 months prior to your wedding and no later than 15 days prior to your wedding. It is imperative that you apply within this timescale because if your papers are not with the Registrar 15 days before your wedding day, the Registrar is not obliged to process them and your wedding will not take place.

Six weeks before your wedding both parties should arrange to see the Minister to discuss the final details of the service and the rehearsal. At the rehearsal the bride, groom, best man, bridesmaid(s) and the bride’s father should be present.
IMPORTANT: The Marriage Schedule must be brought to the Church by the bridegroom on the day of the rehearsal
After the wedding ceremony, you need to return the marriage schedule to the Registrar
The schedule is signed during the service by the bride and groom, (the bride uses her maiden name), the minister and the two witnesses. It must be returned to the Registrar within 3 days of the wedding ceremony.
How soon after my wedding will I receive the marriage certificate?
You will receive this by post, usually within the month.
Music in the Church
There are usually two hymns sung during the wedding service. Processional music is normally played while the bride enters and leaves the Church. The organist should be consulted in musical matters relating to your service. Our church organist would like to see you 12 weeks before your wedding to receive and listen to suggestions for your wedding music and hymns.
Photographs in the Church
Please advise your photographer and guests that flash photographs are not allowed during the  marriage service. A video may be taken from a fixed, unobtrusive point, the location of the camera must be discussed with the Minister beforehand
Flowers in the Church

If you wish to leave your flowers in the Church after the service, our Flower Convenor will arrange for them to be distributed to the sick and / or elderly within the Parish. Please advise the Minister.
Fees – Church Wedding

The minister will advise you of the all-inclusive fee for your wedding. This fee should be paid six weeks before the date of the wedding.

Photograph by Peter Grubb


Useful Telephone Numbers
Session Clerk: Bryan Gould
2 Woodmuir Terrace
DD6 8JNTelephone No. 01382 541869  or  07563 516656

Church Officer:
Suzi Hamilton
Telephone No. 01592  611933
If there is anything at all of which you are uncertain please do not hesitate to contact the Minister or Session Clerk.

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