Markinch and Thornton Parish Church


Session Clerk

Bryan Gould
2 Woodmuir Terrace

Telephone No. 01382 541869  or  07563 516656


Mrs Nancy Munro Laurieston Park, Balfarg, Glenrothes

Telephone No. 01592 743822

Church Officer (Markinch)

The Church Officer is responsible for preparing the Church for Sunday Service or any other occasion. They are the main keyholder and the normal contact for anyone requiring access to the Church. The duties are carried out at Markinch by Suzi Hamilton (01592 611933)

Pastoral Care

Our Pastoral Care Co-Ordinator is Meg Sankey. For all Pastoral Care needs contact Meg or the Minister:

Youth Club

Marianne Sankey leads our Youth Club and can be contacted at:


Contact Ken Wilkie for all communication matters including online worship and the website:

Roll Keeper

Please note that any changes to the roll, i.e. Transfers, deaths etc should be advised to the Session Clerk, Bryan Gould, details above.

The Roll Keeper is appointed by the Kirk Session to keep a record of the Congregation’s Communicant  members.

If you are a member of another congregation of The Church of Scotland and move into the Markinch area, you can send a copy of  your Certificate of Transference to our Roll Keeper. (You obtain this Certificate by contacting the Roll Keeper in your previous Parish).

Similarly, if you move away from Markinch, our Roll Keeper will provide you with a Certificate of Transference for passing to your new congregation’s Roll Keeper.

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