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A reflection for 9th August 2020 by Rev Alistair McLeod

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 “In Christ there is no east or west, in him no north or south” are the words of a beautiful hymn which speaks about God’s love for the whole family of mankind.  Since I wrote the service this week, we have witnessed a disaster which happened in Beirut.  I believe that we in Scotland and the rest of the UK are fortunate to live in a place which is full of opportunity, is relatively safe, and where the governments have worked together alongside the citizens to beat back the Corona virus.

Now imagine, if you can, a country where resources are at rock bottom, with no recourses to fall back on and  with little with  which to fight the Corona virus and where poverty and want are the only way of life; where for the most part the citizens there have lost hope and cannot see a peaceful way forward – where revolution is on the cards. Then comes a cataclysmic explosion wiping out most of the city and plunging an already struggling hospital service into impossible hardship and chaos.

It is surely heart breaking to watch those images of a broken people on television; it makes individuals like you and me feel impotent to help.

Now a prayer for you:

Loving Father,

as we think of ourselves so we think too about those in trouble, those for whom this last week have brought disaster and tragedy, those in Beirut whose lives are now in turmoil by the explosion that has ravaged their land.

We pray for the families of those who have lost their lives – we pray for those injured or maimed; those who will face the rest of their lives coming to terms with physical scars or deeper mental and spiritual wounds always reminding them of this terrible event.

We pray for those striving to support amid the devastation, whether to body or mind or soul – we pray for those still searching among the chaos as hope runs out for any living survivors – their homes lost, their city destroyed, their country left in shock.

Merciful Father, give them encouragement to persevere, comfort and the knowledge of your eternal love.

Loving God,

we believe you grieve and suffer whenever your people are in distress. Reach out to the people of Beirut in their sorrow and despair and grant them help.  Inspire developed countries to grant help and offer any services they can to reach out to the suffering there and grant them help to rebuild their shattered lives and hopes.  Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer in the name of Christ our Lord. Amen

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