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Following a Zoom meeting of Kirkcaldy Presbytery on Tuesday 1st September, their Vacancy Procedure Committee’s decision to allow Markinch and Thornton Parish Church to call a minister has been approved. As the first step in this process, we are required to publish this notice:

Notice is hereby given that the Vacancy Procedure Committee of the Presbytery of Kirkcaldy proposes an unrestricted call to the charge of Markinch and Thornton, on the following terms. The call to be part of the Glenrothes Area Covenanted Partnership, with the expectation, that around 30% of the minister’s time, will come under, “Glenrothes area teamwork”.
This action will proceed unless at least four persons, who are either communicant members of this congregation of Markinch and Thornton or full members of Presbytery, together or separately submit to the Presbytery Clerk a request for this proposal to be considered at the next meeting of the Presbytery. Any such request must set out the relevant reasons.
You should submit any such request in writing to the Presbytery Clerk, Revd. Alan Kimmitt, 40 Liberton Drive, Glenrothes KY6 3PB by the 13th of September.
If four valid requests are received, then this unrestricted call to the charge of Markinch and Thornton will be suspended, and the approval of Presbytery will be required.
Alan Kimmitt, Presbytery Clerk

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