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A Reflection by Rev Alistair McLeod for Sunday 20th June 2021

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A Reflection on the Scripture reading Job Chapter 1.

Job was a good man; he was wealthy and had many farms and animals at that time, riches beyond compare.  He also had a large family of ten children. In short Job had everything going for him because he was also at one with God.

The book of Job is the first book in the Bible to raise the subject and asks the question of why a just God could allow the suffering of innocents

The story of Job which occupies 42 chapters of the Bible. The story begins in heaven.

Satan tells God that Job is only righteous because he is wealthy and comfortable.  Satan then asks God’s permission to put him to the test. God agrees but insists that Satan mustn’t lay a finger on Job. Satan starts by getting rid of Job’s children.

Job was mourning the loss of his children when their so-called friends tell him that he must have done something so terrible for God to do such a thing.  Job questions God regarding his suffering; tells Him that he is an unjust God but that he still trusted God. A fourth friend turns up and he makes the point that we can’t always understand why God does what he does, but nevertheless we can always trust Him.

Job didn’t enjoy the happiest of lives.  His wife berated him for his piety and who could blame her, after all she had lost all ten of her children? A serious domestic dispute arises; however, reconciliation must have taken place because they got back together and had another ten children together and lived for another
140 years.

The story of Job is a recipe of how God wants us to live and how we should respond to Him and trust Him.  It also tells us how friends should Not act when someone is in the depth of disaster.

A Prayer for you:
Almighty God, give me the patience of Job.  When met with disaster help me to put my trust in you, knowing that you will always be there standing by my side.

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