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A Reflection by Rev Alistair McLeod for Sunday 25th July 2021

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Scripture: St John 6: 1 to 21

During the past 18 months (or so) all of us have been faced with some considerable uncertainty.  Scientists have constantly used adjectives like ‘unprecedented’, and ‘unusual’ when asking us to take note and heed the warnings and directions of the life-style restrictions set for us by the government.

There is no doubt that Covid-19 was, and still is, a very nasty bug and many prayers have been said; prayers asking for strength of conviction to keep on fighting the longer it lasted, and especially in the long period before the vaccine was made available, prayers seemed the best answer.  There was always hope.  Hope is trust that God, with our cooperation will find a way.

However, one or two people suggested as a question, “I think this is God’s way of testing us?”

I am not comfortable with the idea that God tests us.  Adults don’t do that and if they do it’s called ‘mind-games’. God does not play mind games!

Always remember, that we are living in a world where random things happen, both good and bad, and that certainly doesn’t mean that God is sitting in heaven wondering which game to play next. That does not fit the belief I have about a loving God.

When the Bible mentions testing it can be interpreted as saying that life sends us challenges, God is there sharing our experience and watching to see how we respond to the challenge. God is a caring and loving God and is there in every situation, good and bad, and that knowledge should give us hope for the future.

And now a prayer for you:

Living God, we pray for all those who face the future with anxiety or uncertainty, for those who doubt their ability to cope with what life may bring.

Living God, reach out to all for whom the future seems uncertain or unwelcome or frightening, and bring the assurance that even in the darkest moments, the greatest challenges, the most worrying times, You are there working out your purposes; able to bring light out of the deepest darkness.

Grant the confidence that there is nothing in heaven or on the earth, in the present or in the future that is finally able to separate us from your love.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

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