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Rev Alistair McLeod’s Reflection for 9th January 2022

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Second Sunday after Epiphany.
Scripture:  John Chapter 2 verses 1 to 11

Jesus performs his first miracle in this gospel; the transformation of water to wine. The evangelist writes that there are seven signs (or miracles) that include healings, feeding, raising Lazarus from the dead and walking on water. This first sign takes place at a wedding, and Jesus’ mother comes to him because they have run out of wine. In the time of Christ, weddings lasted a week, and running out of wine would be a humiliation for the families. There is some thought that Mary was related to those getting married; on the other hand, she may simply have seen their distress and was convinced that her son could help? Jesus takes the ordinary water and transforms it into “good wine”, wine made for celebration.

Healing and feeding are arguably necessary for life, and yet in the first miracle recorded, it is the transformation of something very ordinary: water into wine for celebration, 180 gallons of the very best wine. This miracle also had limited exposure, because only the servants knew where the wine was from, but when it was all consumed, there would be no remaining evidence of the miracle. Contrast this miracle to the raising of Lazarus; this miracle might appear somewhat frivolous and common, with limited impact on the community, but as a sign, it tells us about Jesus. At the time of Jesus, weddings were big affairs and seeing that all the guests were suitably fed and watered for that time was a big deal too.  This fine wine   reflects the abundance of God found in the life of Jesus. Weddings are common experiences, and Jesus showed up there. Jesus continues to show up, sometimes quite unexpectedly and very often when we least expect him to but also when our spirits are low and at times or deep distress when we need him most.

Sometimes the task of turning up falls upon us.  As followers of Jesus, we are to be alert to see and hear the people who are hurting or suffering and respond as Jesus would among the ordinary that they might be made special – a cause for celebration.

What is ordinary in your life that might be transformed into a cause for celebration by Jesus?

A Prayer for you.  Almighty God.  Your Son our Saviour is the light of the world.      Grant that we, your people, may shine with the radiance of His glory, that He may be known, worshipped and obeyed top the ends of the earth; By grace alone, you call us and accept us in your service.  Strengthen us by your Spirit and make us worthy of your call, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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