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Rev Dr Conor Fegan – Reflecting on the Future

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As of around 7.45pm on Thursday 20 January 2022 I became the minister of Markinch and Thornton Parish Church. To say I am excited about the journey ahead would be an understatement.

One of the first things that attracted me to the Church was the real sense that there is a passion for community here. A commitment amongst the people of this parish, not only to the church and the people who can come on a Sunday, but also to the people all around us. To looking out beyond our walls.

When I came here to meet with the nominating committee, that feeling was confirmed tenfold. I found a church and a community that shared my view of what it means to be a Christian in twenty first century Scotland: a place with its doors and heart flung open to friends and neighbours, strangers, pilgrims, and all those looking for something more in this, oftentimes difficult, world that we live in. I found a group of people with a sense of humour, and a belief in the important part our churches play in the community, country, and the world.

I felt God’s gentle hand guiding me, and following a few meetings, a bit of preaching, and a week-long vote, God’s call was confirmed by this congregation. All of which led to Thursday night and my ordination and induction.

The journey ahead, we all know, will be difficult, not only for us here in Markinch and Thornton, for the Presbytery of Fife, and for the national church. Nevertheless, I believe that we are ready for the challenge. That we are ready to pick ourselves up after this pandemic. That we are ready to build on the wonderful work and history that has already gone into making this parish what it is today.

I believe, in short, that we are ready for a future that, with Jesus’ light always shining before us, will be brighter than the past. For when we put our trust in God and in one another, we really can make a difference.

The final words of one of our readings this Sunday, Psalm 19, will be familiar to many of us:
May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart
be pleasing in your sight,
Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.

Words to this effect are often used at the beginning of a sermon, an invocation, a plea to God that what we do or what we say may be pleasing to God.

I want to end this reflection with them, because what better way to begin this new chapter in my life, and in the life of this parish. With my whole heart I pray, that all our words and deeds will be pleasing to God, and that together this community will be a shining light on the hill of faith.

With every blessing,
The Rev’d Dr Conor Fegan
Minister, Markinch and Thornton Parish Church

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