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Haiti Earthquake Appeal – Update

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Christian Aid is responding to the devastating earthquake in Haiti. It has launched an emergency appeal and is working with its partner organizations to deliver aid.  There has been overwhelming devastation across the country. At the time of writing the death toll is estimated to be up to 200,000 people.
The aid agencies are working hard to reach thousands of children and families in desperate need of food, water, shelter and medical supplies. They have been caring for injured survivors and have delivered medical supplies to hospitals and health centres. They are distributing planeloads of temporary shelter, blankets, water containers, Rotary Shelter Boxes, cooking and hygiene kits to thousands of people in Port-au-Prince. They are also going to be involved in supporting the recovery and rehabilitation of 120,000 people in Haiti’s capital over the next few months.
Despite logistical difficulties aid is getting into Haiti.  However, the scale of the destruction remains a huge challenge to relief efforts. Christian Aid relies on the generous support of individuals like us to help reach the thousands of children and families in desperate need. Last Sunday our congregation gave over £400. Please join us in helping the earthquake survivors and leave your donation in the Christian Aid Pot at the church entrance.
If you have already given, thank you – please know that your donation will allow Christian Aid to help the earthquake victims of Haiti and enable them to rebuild their lives.

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