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VE Day 75 Years on.

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Today we turn our thoughts away from our present concerns and remember the many people, young and not so young, who signed up to rid the world of the scourge of Nazism and fascism, an evil axis which was spreading like a deadly virus that had to be stopped. It took great courage not only with those who were fighting in the various theatres of war but also on the families on the home front – all of them lived with great uncertainty for their individual and the collective future.
It is right that we take time to remember today all those who selflessly fought to rid the world of an evil which would have so devastated the world.

A Prayer.
Almighty God, we thank you for all those who have been examples of great courage, all whose words and actions have given inspiration to subsequent generations.
Thank you for all those who had the courage to stand up for their convictions, come what may; to fight against evil and injustice, even at the cost of their own lives; to live out their faith and to share it with others in the face of bitter opposition. We thank you for those who displayed such courage those who fought bravely and served faithfully, and those who sacrificed so greatly for the cause of freedom .
An so we give thanks for the freedom we enjoy because of their courage. We salute their courage and acknowledge the debt we owe them. We remember them, so that the lessons of the past may not be forgotten or the sacrifice wasted.
In glad thanksgiving, we will remember them.
Thanks be to God.
God save the Queen.

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