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A Reflection for the Fifth Sunday of Easter

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Rev Alistair McLeod’s message for the Fifth Sunday of Easter.

Easter 5:  Scripture readings for today are: Peter 2. 2 to 10 and John  14. 1 to 14.

Does it all feels a bit crazy right now?

We are in a time of uncertainty.   People all over the world are feeling uncertain and have unanswered questions.  When have so many people, everywhere, felt so uncertain, had so many unanswered and unanswerable questions all at the same time? When have so many plans been upended and suspended? There are so many guidelines, provisional, temporary, always subject to almost daily revision, and we ask, how long will this last? When will we be able to go out again?  Meet family and friends; work normally; feel safe again?  This unseen enemy with its ability to reach into our homes, churches, schools, hospitals, economy all leave us feeling more than a bit adrift like on a restless sea. We may feel that we are unable to get a foothold on something dependable and unshakeable. We can feel ‘de-realised’, but hold fast – keep safe – keep the faith.

Here is the message of our lessons for today. Yes, the feeling of uncertainty is real. Yes, the feeling of being off course without our regular patterns and signposts is real. Yes, the longing for something unmovable yet lifegiving, solid and sustaining, concrete yet creative is real. And yes, God gives us a way that is steadfast even when we feel like we’re in sinking sand; a truth that is certain when everything feels out of kilter, a life that is assured when everything is shifting. God gives us precisely what we need for this moment and for all time because God gives us a person and makes us into a people.  Our Scripture lessons today bear witness to this assurance, this place to get a foothold, this pledge of security no matter what.

Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life,”. With Jesus, we have sure footing. With Him, of course, there is a way forward. We may not see the next step, but He does, and if we stay close, follow Him, and depend on Him, we can move forward strengthened by the unmovable, unshakeable, unshifting ground that supports us, the guide that won’t leave us, the God who will never lose us.

Jesus assures us that if we know him, we know the one he calls Father, also. God is not aloof, beyond the troubles of this world. God is knowable because Jesus is knowable. What does this tell us about God? The God we know in Jesus Christ became flesh and dwelt among us, made a home among the poor, cared for the sick, lived humbly, fed the hungry, blessed children, washed the feet of his disciples, wept at the death of his friend, promised that death will not be victorious, met his disciples even when they had fearfully self-isolated in an attic room, went ahead to prepare a place for us, and will come and take us to himself, that where he is, we may be also. God is with us, even in our vulnerability, our uncertainty and our fear. Reach out, here is God. Take a step forward on the way. Our footing is sure. The path holds. His way leads to life.

Although everything might feel a bit up in the air at this time. What is not up in the air – is not in doubt – is God’s love for you and Jesus ’being there to love us through all the uncertainties of this present time. The reliability of Jesus’ love for us very real and it doesn’t need daily revision – it is eternal.  Jesus is the Way, the truth and the Life and in Him we find a solid and stable foundation.  Hold fast to His presence and we will get through this virus. Amen

 A prayer: 
Loving Father, we thank you that you are a God who daily reaches us more about yourself, who has always more to reveal of your love. Speak to us now and give us ears to hear.

We thank you for the many ways we hear your voice – through the scriptures, the world around us and the people we meet, through prayer and reflection; through the experiences of daily life, and though our daily walk with you.

Loving Father, thank you that day by day you speak to us. Help us to be open to all you have to say, ready to hear your instruction and accept your guidance.

Save us from closing our ears to that which we do not want to hear; from becoming so fixed in our ways and opinions that we become spiritually deaf; from limiting your word or denying your call through our unwillingness to listen.

Speak to us now and give us ears to hear, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen

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