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A Reflection by Rev Alistair McLeod for Trinity Sunday.

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Readings for Trinity Sunday are 2 Corinthians Chapter 13 verses 11 to 13 and St Matthew Chapter 28 verses 16 to 20.
Today is Trinity Sunday, what does the Trinity say to you? Father, Son and Holy Spirit – one God in three persons. That can be a difficult concept to get your head around, especially during a time in our lives when there are many difficulties to contend with.
I remember when I started working as a Psychiatric Social Worker being told by one patient that if I were going to be able to help him that I would need to ‘stay the course’. What he was saying to me was that he couldn’t cope with many different people getting involved in his treatment He had had enough of case conferences and clinical meetings he couldn’t fully understand. I found that totally understandable. Sometimes with the very best of intentions we overcomplicate things. For me that was a lesson well learnt.
I know that some people can find that many of the various Doctrines of Christianity over-complicated. God in three persons is one of those doctrines. But take a deep breath and let me try to unpack this one for you.
It all starts of course with God as the Creator of the universe. We are all familiar with the Genesis account of how the World began; that God created it all, two of every species, the sun, moon, wind and rain, everything we need to develop and thrive. in six days and rested on the seventh – the holy day. Now the scientists have suggested that the world came into being in a different way. First the ‘Big Bang’ theory followed by the evolution of different living organisms. We each make up our own minds on that. However whatever answer you arrive at, the most important one is to believe that God the Father was behind whatever caused the World to come into being, and that he has had a hand in the whole development ever since.
God the Son – Jesus Christ.
At the very beginning of John’s Gospel, we’re told ‘In the beginning was the word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God and through Him all things were made. The Word is Jesus Christ. We all know the life and the love of Christ.
God the Holy Spirit.
When Jesus was leaving his disciples, he told them not to be afraid because although he was going away, the Father would send them another helper – The Holy Spirit. God in three persons.
Believing in Jesus Christ. Seeing and understanding what he did for us and all humankind is the important element for us today. Jesus’ life shows us the way that God the Father wants us to be. If our life; the way we treat others replicates the life of Christ’s living we will have been going in the right direction. To be Christ like is to be God like and God is love – His love for us in unconditional and so our love for one another should also be unconditional. Love without looking for something for ourselves.

A Prayer for you:

Mighty God,
Beyond all time and space,
Greater than our minds can fully grasp,
ruler of all that is and has been and shall be,
I worship you.

Loving Father,
Kind and merciful,
Full of goodness and compassion
Constantly watching over us and directing our steps,
I worship you.

Saviour Christ,
Flesh of our flesh yet the living image of God,
Sharing our humanity yet one with the Father,
Loving to the point of death yet bringer of life.
I worship you.

Holy Spirit,
Free and mysterious,
Source of guidance and inspiration,
Filling our hearts and minds and lives,
I worship you.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
God of gods and Lord of lords,
With awe and wonder,
Joy and gladness,
Love and praise,
We bring this day
We bring our lives.
I worship you.

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